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Kundali Dosha

You already know how to check if you have Mangal Dosha using our Manglik Dosha calculator given above. Let's understand what causes it. If the planet Mars is placed in the 12th house, 1st house, 4th house, 7th house or 8th house from Lagna or Ascendant, then it forms Mangal Dosha in one's Birth Chart. Second house is also considered for Sevvai Dosham according to South Indian Astrologers.

Mangal Dosha is seen through the Lagna Chart, Moon Sign Chart and Venus Chart. If Mars occupies above houses in one's natal chart, then it will be considered as "High manglik Dosha". If it is occupying these houses in any one of these charts, then it will be considered as "Low Manglik Dosha".

Manglik dosha has greater significance at the time of marriage as it is important parameter which needs to be analysed carefully while matching horoscope. By doing so, compatibility between two partner can be ensured in order to have happy married life. It is believed that if a person has any kind of Manglik Dosha present in his birth chart then he may get unhappiness after marriage.

The malefic effects of Mars will be cancelled if planet Mars in your Kundali is being aspected by the benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus.

Types of Manglik Dosha

High Mangal Dosha: If Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from Natal Chart, Moon Chart and Venus Chart, then it will be considered as High Manglik Dosha. Person may go with many hardships in his life.

Low Mangal Dosha: If Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from any one of these three charts like Natal Chart, Moon Chart and Venus Chart, then it will be considered as Low Manglik Dosha or "Partial Manglik Dosha". It may be nullified after the age of 28, according to some astrologers.

You can find out about Manglik Dosha's high or low intensity using AstroSage's Mangal Dosha calculator. Sometimes, it is also considered as it the planet Mars is aspected by the benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus, then this Dosha is cancelled in your birth chart.

Common Traits for Mangal Dosha

Both Genders (Males & Females) can have Mangal Dosha in their kundali.

People born with this Dosha are fiery, aggressive and hot tempered in nature.

It gives a rise in competitive ability within the person which causes arguments with the partner or take your partner as your competitor.

Mangal Dosha can affect the marital life of a person, due to the reason discord and tension occur in marital life

It delays the marriage of an individual.

If marriage occurs between two Mangliks, then the negative effects of Mars would be nullified.

If Dosh is High, then person's financial and married life may suffer or adversely affected.

Effects of Mangal Dosha based on House Placement

If it is placed in first house, then it may cause conflicts in marital life.

If Mars is placed in second house, it may cause trouble to family and ultimately again the marriage life.

If the same planet is placed in fourth house, then it may cause trouble to the professional front.

If it is placed in seventh house, then it may increase the dominance within the person which may lead to the disharmony in a relationship.

If the same planet occupies the eighth house, it may lead to the loss of paternal property.

If it is placed in twelfth house, it may cause to the mental stress and hence the family life would be affected.

Remedies of Kuja Dosha

People born under this dosha suffer many problems regarding marriage. They get hard time to find right partner. If nothing goes well in relationship, then it may lead to the divorce and separation. However, there are some remedies defined to nullify the negative influence of planet Mars. Let's find below list for the remedies:

The effects of Mangal Dosha can be nullified through the worship of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Manglik people should do Kumbh Vivah. For that, they should marry first to a Peepal Tree, banana tree or silver/gold coin in order to nullify the negative effects of Mangal. It will take all the negative influence of Mars energy and person will be free from Mangal Dosha. Later on, they can perform marriage with anyone without any harm.

If any person is suffering with the "Anshik or Partial Manglik Dosha", then he must perform puja in any temple for "Mangal Shanti"

One should visit to the Navagraha Temple to reduce the negative effects of Mars. It is an auspicious place to visit for Manglik people.

One must do fasting on every Tuesdays.

One must worship to Lord Vishnu in order to get rid of this Dosha.

One should chant Mantras and visit temples on regular basis for better results.

One may wear gemstones advised by an astrologer.

Hence Mars is the planet which is very important for a person due to its energy and passion. Person with weak Mars also does not have courage to tackle any situation. It is mandatory to have strong Mars in Horoscope. Again it is also important to check Manglik Dosha present in your Kundali in order to get happy married life.

We hope you like our Manglik Dosha calculator and it would prove to be beneficial for you.

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